tips for improving your home security
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tips for improving your home security

How secure is your home? Do you know when someone is approaching your front door? Do you know if one of your windows has been opened while you sleep, or even while you are away? Home burglaries happen far too often and without a home security system, you are more likely to fall victim. My site contains several tips that you can use to improve the level of security in and around your home. With a good security system and some preventative measures taken, you can decrease the likelihood of falling victim to this life changing and traumatizing crime that occurs each day.


tips for improving your home security

Don't Be A Victim: 3 Ways To Protect Yourself From Home Invasion

Troy Murray

In the United States, home invasion is a more common occurrence than you may think. In 2013 alone, the FBI estimated that there were over 1.9 million break-ins over the course of the year. As a homeowner, you need to protect your home and other valuables from becoming victim to thieves and intruders. Along with monitored home security systems, like those offered by companies like ADT, you should be putting into effect these 3 security suggestions. You can't ever be "too safe" when it comes to the people and things that you love.

Tighten Up Security

Rutgers University surveyed home burglary statistics from 2001-2005. During their analysis they discovered that homes that were protected with home security systems were less likely to be burglarized. This should be your first step in tightening up security around your home. Unfortunately, you can't stop there. You should take the following precautions to further protect your home.

  • Bright lighting around the home
  • Keep shrubbery trimmed to prevent hiding places
  • Don't leave 'bait' in your front yard that may entice a burglar to explore further, e.g., boxes from expensive electronic equipment, bikes, strollers or sports equipment
  • Window locks
  • Deadbolts

By adding these added security measures, you create a less enticing home to intruders.

Short List of Don'ts

There are some red flags thieves will look for when scouting for their next home to burglarize. Knowing what they are looking for can keep your home from being so appealing.

  • Don't hide spare keys in obvious places - This may sound like a no-brainer but it needs to be said, because you may not realize your hiding place of choice is 'obvious'. Avoid hiding keys under rocks or plants near the door, under doormats and over your porch light fixture. Instead, leave a spare key with a trusted neighbor or hide one in a conspicuous container away from the front door.
  • Don't advertise on social media when you'll be away - If a thief knows a home is empty, he has all the time in the world to make his way through your things.
  • Never leave a window or door unlocked - Burglars like quick and easy access points. They will look for weak spots in your security, primarily windows and doors.
  • Don't let mail pile up on your doorstep - A burglar may think the home is unoccupied and ripe for the taking.

While You're Away

You obviously can't be in your home every second of every day. For the times when you are away, there are things you can do to make it appear that someone is home.

  • Put your inside lights on a timer - Timers can be purchased at most home improvement stores and can turn your lights on and off at certain times. This creates activity within an empty home.
  • Put a trustworthy neighbor or friend in charge - This is especially important if you are leaving for an extended period of time. Have a friend water your plants and clear off flyers or mail from your mailbox and front door. It will keep your home from appearing vacant.
  • Get a dog or make it sound like you have a dog - Loud barking from a protective dog is a great burglar deterrent; they don't want to run the risk of an encounter with something that may attack them. Have a recording of a loud dog linked to a sensor on your front porch, or better yet, get a real dog to do the work for you!

Don't let your home become a burglar's next hit. Protect your home, both inside and out, from thieves looking to take advantage by tightening up your security, avoiding the don'ts of home security and by taking extra safety precautions while you are away. This will keep your beloved valuables safe when you aren't home to protect them yourself!