tips for improving your home security
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tips for improving your home security

How secure is your home? Do you know when someone is approaching your front door? Do you know if one of your windows has been opened while you sleep, or even while you are away? Home burglaries happen far too often and without a home security system, you are more likely to fall victim. My site contains several tips that you can use to improve the level of security in and around your home. With a good security system and some preventative measures taken, you can decrease the likelihood of falling victim to this life changing and traumatizing crime that occurs each day.


tips for improving your home security

What Are A Business Owner's Responsibilities During A Fire Watch Service?

Troy Murray

In many towns, cities and counties across the United States, business and commercial property owners are responsible for ensuring that their buildings are adequately protected against fires. When your fire safety and detection system is down for extended repairs or maintenance, you will need to hire a fire watch service to patrol your building and ensure continuing coverage around the clock. In addition, you should be aware of your responsibilities during this process to avoid fines or other punishment. 

Understanding When You Need a Fire Watch Service

Although most local governments agree on the necessity of fire watch patrols whenever a building's fire alarm system is down, they do not always agree on how long your system must be out of service before you need to hire a watch. Check your local ordinances for the specific number in your area, but in general, if your system will be down for more than a couple of hours, you should be contacting a fire watch company. 

Notifying Authorities of the Fire Watch

Once the arrangements have been made, you should notify your nearby Fire Marshal of the downtime. The fire department will, in all likelihood, ask about the cause of the trouble, how long it will last and what plans you have to either evacuate your building or hire a fire watch. These officials will also be able to point you to the paperwork needed to file an official record of the lapse in coverage. As a courtesy, you should also call your alarm company to apprise them of the situation. 

Maintaining Accurate Logs and Records

To protect yourself and your company from liability or fines, you are also required to keep accurate logs of the coverage lapse and submit them to your Fire Marshal afterward in most areas. Ask your local fire department or the fire watch company in question if they have standardized forms for you to use to make the process smoother and guarantee that no relevant information is left out. 

Bringing Your System Back Up to Speed 

Your final responsibility as a property owner, of course, is to make sure your alarm system's issue is corrected as quickly as possible. Doing so will spare you the costs of shutting down your business or paying individuals to monitor it 24 hours a day, and it will also reduce the risk of an unnoticed fire spreading to other buildings, harming others or damaging your property. With a little luck and responsible planning, you will only need the assistance of a fire watch service for a few hours before your business is fully operational once again. Contact a local service, like NYC Fire Services & Guards, LLC, for more help.