tips for improving your home security
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tips for improving your home security

How secure is your home? Do you know when someone is approaching your front door? Do you know if one of your windows has been opened while you sleep, or even while you are away? Home burglaries happen far too often and without a home security system, you are more likely to fall victim. My site contains several tips that you can use to improve the level of security in and around your home. With a good security system and some preventative measures taken, you can decrease the likelihood of falling victim to this life changing and traumatizing crime that occurs each day.


tips for improving your home security

Ways To Prevent Shoplifting In Your Retail Store

Troy Murray

When you own a retail store, you have a lot to think about. You need to hire employees, manage payroll and accounting practices, keep the store stocked, and work on advertising. Safety and security is also your responsibility. Here are some ways to help prevent shoplifting in your store so you can cross this major worry off your list.

Increase Your Security

Think of ways to get better security in and around your retail store. You can start by having a video surveillance system instead of just standard door alarms. This lets you keep an eye on different areas of the store and back room so you have advanced notice of a potential shoplifter or thief. Have cameras placed in areas of the store where thefts are likely to happen, such as outside the dressing rooms to look at the number of items brought in and out of dressing rooms, close to jewelry and other high-end product areas, and the front and back doors of the store. If you have a store with more expensive items, you might also want to hire a security guard from a company like S&S Security Services to monitor the property.

Be Clear About Your Shoplifting Policy

Some people won't be as tempted to steal products from your store if they think the punishment will be more severe. On the other hand, people who have stolen and been caught from your store who don't receive any punishment might spread the word to others, giving other people a good reason to steal from your store. You should start by being very clear about your policy, stating that you will prosecute anyone caught stealing merchandise. Put these signs around the store, including in dressing rooms and on the doors of the store. If someone is caught shoplifting, call the police and don't let them go. Make it obvious that you are serious about your policy.

Train Employees to Spot Shoplifters

There are also some things your employees can do to deter shoplifters. For example, have employees approach all customers when they come into the store and if they see them looking around aimlessly. Someone is looking around a lot might be looking for something to purchase, but they might also be seeing if anyone is watching them steal something. Having employees check up on them can give the customer help if they are an honest customer, or it can deter someone who was going to attempt to shoplift. Also teach employees other signs of being a potential shoplifter, such as looking nervous, being fidgety, or carrying a large, oversized bag or purse.