tips for improving your home security
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tips for improving your home security

How secure is your home? Do you know when someone is approaching your front door? Do you know if one of your windows has been opened while you sleep, or even while you are away? Home burglaries happen far too often and without a home security system, you are more likely to fall victim. My site contains several tips that you can use to improve the level of security in and around your home. With a good security system and some preventative measures taken, you can decrease the likelihood of falling victim to this life changing and traumatizing crime that occurs each day.


tips for improving your home security

3 Tips for Preparing and Protecting Your Company from a Terrorist Attack

Troy Murray

In this day and age, terrorism is something that can't be ignored and it is a concern of both individuals and businesses. While you can't control the actions of people or groups who carry out terrorist plots, you can make sure that your business is as protected as possible and prepared in the event of a terrorist attack. The oil and gas, transportation, biological and chemical, and nuclear industries have all been on high alert in the recent past as acts of terrorism have increased. If you want to protect your business and be prepared for the possibility or a terror attack, use the following tips.

Identify Your Company's Vulnerabilities 

Terrorist attacks can happen in several different ways, so it is important to figure out in which ways your company is vulnerable. If your line of business involves sensitive data, such as IT technology, confidential payroll and company financial information, or documents that contain trade secrets, you will want to make sure that your computer network is as secure as possible and at low risk for hacking. In the event that your company deals with oil and gas or chemical, biological, or nuclear technology, your premises may be at risk for attack. It is also important to have a plan to protect all of the people who work for your company in the event that a terrorist attack ever occurs.

Consult Experts

If you are concerned about the possibility of a terrorist attack in the future and how it may affect your company, it is a good idea to consult experts who understand the details of anti-terrorist security and can help your company create a protection and preparedness plan. In addition to creating an anti-terrorism plan, a consulting firm can assist in teaching about bomb-threat response, defense against hazardous mailings, and in-depth training in regard to chemical, biological, and nuclear warfare. Depending on the type of company you have, it may be worth the investment to hire anti-terrorism security officers who are specially trained to prevent and respond to terrorist situations and threats.

Have Drills Regularly

An anti-terrorism security plan is great to have, but for it to be effective, all of your employees have to know how to respond in an emergency situation. It is a good idea to have drills on a regular basis so everyone will know how to respond and where to go in the event that a real terrorist attack occurs.